Working Packages


WP1. Spectrum investigations for flexibility, coexistence and offloading.

Leader: FORTH

Goals: 1) Investigate the source of interference and develop hybrid (centralized, distributed) techniques for coordination of interference and assignment of resources in heterogeneous (Multi-RAT) and hybrid (macro-cell, small-cell) network deployments, and 2) investigate and develop techniques for traffic offloading and spectrum sharing between RATs.

WP2. Optimized indoor heterogeneous access for differentiated QoS.

Leader: LiU

Goals: 1) Reduce capex and opex of indoor deployments with optimum dynamic network planning exploiting the benefits of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, 2) Optimize network and radio resource management in indoor multi-RAT deployments using SDN technologies

WP3. Optimization of virtualized networks based on ADN.

Leader: CYTA

Goals: 1) Optimize network backhaul and access based on virtualization, 2) Define the role of data age and value in ADNs and how to use them to develop better scheduling of resources in virtualized networks and design higher layer (L4) protocols